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Professional Experience

Patricia J. Hartmann is an attorney licensed to practice in the state and federal courts of Minnesota.  In 1984 she founded her law practice in downtown St. Paul.  She practices exclusively in the area of civil litigation, primarily representing people who have sustained personal injury or damages as a result of the negligence or wrongful conduct of others.

For approximately 15 years she represented women who had sustained injuries as a result of using the Dalkon Shield, an intrauterine contraceptive device that was marketed in the United States until the mid 1970's and finally recalled by the A. H. Robins Co. in 1984.

When the United States Justice Department commenced grand jury proceedings for obstruction of justice against the A. H. Robins Co., she was called as a witness to testify concerning the destruction of evidence that had been uncovered through discovery she obtained in Minnesota cases.

For more than 30 years Patricia Hartmann has represented people who have been injured due to auto accidents, defective products, or professional negligence.  She has extensive experience representing people who have sustained losses due to legal malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, misrepresentation or fraud of other lawyers.

Patricia Hartmann is a member of the Minnesota Association for Justice. 

Educational Background

Patricia Hartmann is a graduate of  William Mitchell College of Law, now Mitchell Hamline School of Law.  She graduated from Hamline University in St. Paul with a B.A. in philosophy; member of Phi Beta Kappa.  She is a graduate of Archbishop Brady High School; National Merit Scholar.




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