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Auto Accidents and Professional Malpractice

Car Collisions

When people suffer bodily injuries due to the fault of other drivers, they will usually need legal representation in order to recover for the losses they have sustained.  Auto collisions are often the result of distracted driving.  A significant number of personal injuries are due to a driver who is texting or talking while on a cell phone.  Drivers today are also distracted by GPS navigators.  Studies show that the reaction time of drivers who are distracted by using a cell phone are similar to drivers who are legally intoxicated.

When people have been injured in motor vehicle collisions, it is important to thoroughly investigate the facts surrounding the accident in order to establish how the event occurred, the losses it has caused, and the appropriate sources of recovery available to compensate for those losses. Very often the bodily injuries are not fully known or immediately apparent at the time of the crash.

Legal Malpractice

We represent people who have sustained damages as a result of negligence or wrongful conduct the part of other attorneys. Many legal malpractice claims arise because a lawyer causes his or her client to lose a valuable legal right, such as the right to file a lawsuit.

The law imposes time limits to bring suit. If suit is not commenced within the applicable time period, that suit will be barred by the statute of limitations. When a lawyer causes his or her client to lose valuable legal rights due to the failure of the lawyer to timely file suit, the result will often give rise to a claim for legal malpractice against the the lawyer initially retained.

In addition to professional negligence, attorneys may be liable to their clients for other forms of misconduct. For example, if a lawyer enters into attorney-client relationship that presents a conflict with another attorney-client relationship, or other obligations of that lawyer, such conduct gives rise to a claim for breach of the lawyer's fiduciary duties.

When a lawyer has missed an important deadline or has otherwise caused damage to a client's legal rights, the lawyer should alert the client to those facts, including a recommendation that the client consult another attorney in order to protect the client's rights to pursue a legal malpractice claim.

In many cases, however, lawyers do not affirmatively disclose to their clients the facts concerning their negligence. In fact, they may give clients inaccurate explanations as to why their lawsuits should no longer be pursued, in order to conceal their own professional neglect.

Where a client has sustained a loss for which an attorney is responsible, that fact may not be readily apparent. Rarely is a client in a position to judge the propriety of his or her lawyer's conduct. When a client has some reason to question the explanation or conduct of the attorney, the client should seek other legal counsel.

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Personal Injury

Personal injuries for which Minnesota law provides a remedy occur in a wide variety of circumstances. There are many products that inflict serious personal injuries due to their defective design. Sometimes businesses create or maintain hazardous conditions on their premises causing personal injuries to their business patrons.

The law of Minnesota imposes deadlines for the pursuit of legal claims. The specific amount of time that is allowed to commence suit varies, depending on a number of factors, including the nature of the claim.

Whenever someone has sustained an injury for which some other person or business may be responsible, it is advisable to seek legal counsel as soon as possible in order to prevent the statute of limitations from expiring. In addition, prompt legal representation increases the likelihood that valuable evidence will be preserved.

If you have sustained injuries that you suspect or know to be due to the fault of another, it is important to seek the advice of an attorney as soon as possible.

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